6 Secrets for Settling Your Car Accident Injury Claim in 2023

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Car accidents happen in seconds but result in injuries that can last a lifetime.

If you’re lucky enough to walk away—or be wheeled away—with your life, the trauma, medical debt, and other consequences can still haunt you.

Insurance companies make getting paid feel like pulling teeth, and when you’ve been injured, you don’t have time to play games.

The good news is you’re not alone, and you have options—here are six tips to help you settle your car accident claim fast and get one up on the insurance companies in 2023.

#1 Understand the Basics

When you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, it’s easy to underestimate the complexity of the situation. Personal injury law is confusing, and many factors affect how your claim will play out. 

As such, it’s important that you understand your rights to ensure you’re being treated fairly by the insurance company during car accident settlement negotiations. You may be entitled to repayment for various damages, including medical treatment costs, lost wages, pain, and suffering, among other damages. 

But you could lose that right without a basic understanding of the system.

#2 Take an Active Role in Your Case

Be proactive in your case. The insurance adjuster will do whatever they can to minimize the payout, and you’ll have a much better shot at getting what you deserve if you’re involved in the process. The best way to do this is by actively participating in all communication with the adjuster, whether by phone or email.

If they’re asking for information, don’t wait until they contact you again—get it to them immediately. The other driver’s insurance company will assume that you don’t know what you’re doing and try to play you. Don’t fall into their trap.

#3 Organize Your Records

Once you’ve decided to settle your case, staying organized is a must. This is especially true if you’re dealing with many medical expenses, records, and other documents. Most car accident claims involve evidence from the accident scene, police reports, eyewitness statements, and correspondence—keep track of everything.

You may not think so at first, but the more organized you are as a plaintiff or claimant, the better off you’ll be in the long run when it comes time to settle your claim.

#4 Keep Your Doctor in the Loop

It’s important to keep your doctor updated. If there are any changes to your condition, let them know. If you had surgery, keep them posted on your progress and keep a journal of your recovery, including your struggles with performing daily activities.

Doctors typically have thorough experience with the personal injury claims process. They can be great assets in your case, testifying to the extent of your injuries and producing evidence on your behalf.

#5 Don’t Sign Anything Until You’re Sure About It

If you receive a settlement offer, don’t sign anything until you understand it. If this is your first time dealing with a car accident injury claim, then chances are that nothing about the car accident settlement process will be familiar to you. 

The best way to approach viewing these documents is by taking your time so that everything makes sense before putting pen to paper. There’s no reason to rush this process. Ensure all your questions are answered and understand each document’s meaning before signing off on it. 

#6 Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer

Never pass up the opportunity to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer. This is especially true in the case of car accident injuries and, more specifically, when it comes time for you to settle your claim. 

While you may think that a car accident attorney is no different from greedy insurance companies, in reality, lawyers who know their stuff help injury victims get better physically and emotionally after suffering traumatic events. They can even help you get assistance while you wait on compensation claims (car repairs, etc.), and every little bit helps during difficult times like these. 

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Louis received his Juris Doctor from the Hamline University School of Law and is a member of the Rhode Island Bar Association. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including being awarded Lifetime Achievement in 2017 by America’s Top 100 Attorneys and being named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers and Top 25 Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers in 2017.

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