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Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement in Providence

Car accidents are devastating. Learn how to maximize your settlement in Providence so you can earn a large amount of compensation for your damages. Damages from a car accident can be expensive. You have to pay for current and future medical bills, and you could suffer from lost wages if your injuries prohibit you from working. Maximizing your settlement amount can help you recover without worrying about expenses related to your accident. You may be entitled to financial compensation if … Read More

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Personal Injury

The Insurance Company Wants A Statement – What Should I Say?

If you have found yourself in an accident, the insurance company likely wants a recorded statement. Insurance companies use a recorded statement for an insurance claim to better comprehend what transpired in the accident and figure out the amount of coverage required. h. Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company without first talking to a personal injury car accident lawyer. You need to be very careful when giving this statement. If you are not careful, the statement … Read More

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Hit By An Uninsured Driver in Rhode Island? Here’s What to Do

As a Rhode Island Personal Injury Law Firm, we always hear devastating news and are asked fearful questions by clients who were injured by an uninsured party: What can I do if I was hit by an uninsured driver? I was just injured in a major motor vehicle accident, and now I am hospitalized, but the at-fault party was uninsured! Should I hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer after a collision with an uninsured driver? While each of these questions … Read More

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Personal Injury

Calculating Pain and Suffering In An Injury Case

If you are involved in an accident in Rhode Island and experience pain and suffering. As a result, you could be entitled to receive monetary damages. Victims of a personal injury case, whether it is from a car accident, motorcycle accident, catastrophic injury, or a slip and fall, may have to deal with an insurance company or file a personal injury civil lawsuit to be compensated for the actions of a negligent party. To find out what your rights are … Read More

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Personal Injury

Will I Have to File a Lawsuit in My Rhode Island Car Accident Case?

If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence, the thought of filing a lawsuit and going to court to be fully compensated can cause considerable anxiety, and that’s understandable. The good news is that very few Rhode Island car accident cases make their way to court—the vast majority are settled out of court, and yours is very likely to follow suit. If you are in this situation, don’t delay reaching out for the professional legal guidance you need from … Read More

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How Is a Car Accident Settlement Calculated in Rhode Island?

When you have been involved in an auto accident, you’ll wonder how much money you can get as a car accident settlement. Each case is different, and getting help from a qualified personal injury attorney will go a long way in helping you calculate the damages. It is especially difficult to calculate a fair settlement if you have not yet fully recovered from your injuries. There are ways you can estimate the damages you could receive. Here is how to … Read More

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Personal Injury

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Rhode Island?

Losing a loved one can be devastating. However, losing a loved one because of another person’s negligent, reckless, or intentional actions can be a traumatizing and overwhelming ordeal that can leave families emotionally broken and dealing with extensive financial hardships that can forever change their lives. Yet, before these individuals can take legal action against the wrongful party that killed their loved one, they first need to determine who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Rhode Island. What Is … Read More

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How to Avoid These 5 Leading Car Accident Causes

Understanding the leading car accident causes can help you avoid the unwanted consequences of accidents. Getting into a car accident (whether minor or severe) can lead to loss of earnings, pain or suffering, permanent disabilities, and more. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, about 94% of all road accidents are caused by human error. This means that most automobile accidents are preventable most of the time. Before you hit the road, you need to take basic … Read More

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Can They Use Surveillance in My Personal Injury Case?

Following a personal injury accident, you have a lot on your mind. Between your devastating injuries and extensive medical bills, you may not realize that someone is videotaping everything you are doing in the hopes of catching something that may indicate that your injury is not that serious. However, in reality, this is precisely what the insurance company will do—use surveillance in personal injury cases. Surveillance in Personal Injury Cases—Is It Legal? In general, as long as an insurance company … Read More

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10 Uber Safety Tips You Need To Know

Uber has increasingly become the primary means of transportation for most people these days. With the ride-share company’s popularity rising, it is important to know how to stay safe while using its services. This post lays out some of the Uber safety tips that you should follow while using the company’s services. Uber Safety Tips for Passengers With some safety concerns regarding Uber rides still imminent, as a rider, here are some safety tips you should consider. 1. Remain inside … Read More

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