10 Uber Safety Tips You Need To Know

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Uber has increasingly become the primary means of transportation for most people these days. With the ride-share company’s popularity rising, it is important to know how to stay safe while using its services. This post lays out some of the Uber safety tips that you should follow while using the company’s services.

Uber Safety Tips for Passengers

With some safety concerns regarding Uber rides still imminent, as a rider, here are some safety tips you should consider.

1. Remain inside as you request your Uber ride

It is common to be in a hurry to get somewhere and wait outside a bar or a building for an Uber ride. From a security standpoint, this can be risky since it gives criminals (Uber Impersonators), the advantage of spotting you and rightly surmising that you are in a hurry.

They will simply approach you and inquire if you called for an Uber, and without a second thought, you jump in. Instead, stay inside and wait for your Uber to arrive.

2. Verify your Uber ride

With Uber’s “Verify Your Ride,” which is a PIN-based tool, you can ensure you get into the correct car with the right driver. All you have to do is simply open your Uber app, head to Settings, and click on “Verify Your Ride”. After you enable this function, any moment you request a ride, you will get a unique 4-digit PIN.

Give your Uber driver the PIN before getting into the car. The driver will confirm if the PIN matches with their app, after which you can now start your ride.

3. Ask the Uber driver to confirm your name before boarding

To establish trust, it is important for both parties involved in the ride to confirm each other’s identity. The driver will want to be sure that they are carrying the individual who made the reservation. You, on the other hand, will feel much safer, since you will have gotten the driver you requested and are out of harm’s way.

Anyone may get an Uber badge, and several drivers really do not wear their trademark. It definitely makes sense to just inquire about their name.

From the driver’s standpoint, if the passenger is intelligent enough to inquire about their name, it leads to enhanced safety. Clearly, you have no interest in getting into the wrong car, and all you have to do is ask for their name.

4. Consider riding in the back seat and taking some safety measures

It is advisable to ride in the backseat if possible, particularly when you are traveling alone. This allows you and your driver considerable privacy while ensuring you safely depart on either side of the car to escape moving traffic.

Make sure the driver does not activate the child-lock by checking the doorknob. This is quite vital for mobility. If locked, kindly ask your driver to unlock it.

5. Make it a routine to wear your seat belt

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing a seat belt is the most efficient safety mechanism when traveling in any vehicle. It helps to save lives and prevent injuries in auto accidents.

People often assume seat belts are unnecessary in the backseat, even though this is untrue. Riders on the backseat are thrice more likely to suffer or die in an accident when they are seatbelt-free, according to research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA).

6. Consider sharing your trip information with your friends or family members

While riding, click “Share Journey Information” on the app to send a relative or friend your driver’s identity, license plate, image, and location. This is one of the most paramount Uber safety tips as it aids in tracking you, should you fail to arrive at your destination. They will get a text message or push notification with your current location and estimated arrival time. You can as well call a trusted contact and inform them about your destination and approximated arrival time.

7. Avoid riding when impaired

Ride-sharing is a great approach to prevent driving under the influence. However, riding when inebriated, whether you are high, ill, tired, or drunk, puts you at risk of being assaulted. It is also more likely for you to get into the wrong vehicle when you are drunk.

If you are with sober or slightly less inebriated pals, have them review your Uber app to ensure you are getting into the proper vehicle.

8. Trust your intuition

During your Uber trip, trust your instincts and apply the best acumen. If you ever find yourself in an emergency, you can use the “Emergency Tap” on the app to dial 911. The app will also give you your current position and ride information, which you can send to the dispatcher.

Remember, you have an option to exit the ride at any point whenever you feel unsafe.

9. Always be calm, kind, and respectful along the ride

Maintain a respectful attitude toward the driver throughout the journey. It is better to avoid all non-trip-related conversations until you get to your destination. Also, have your map opened or monitor the driver’s phone, often put on the dashboard, to keep track of the journey.

10. Depart the Uber ride in a secure location and offer feedback about your ride

Another Uber safety tip to note is exiting your ride in a well-lit, public area where your particular house address is unrevealed.
Uber allows you to rate your ride and include any additional details about it. If you have a safety concern, let the company know. A response team is available 24/7 to follow up.

What should you do if you get injured in an Uber accident in Rhode Island?

It is difficult to find someone ready to pay for injuries sustained in an Uber accident. Uber has liability insurance, which is secondary, meaning that the driver’s insurance pays first before the company’s insurer gives any compensation. Many personal car insurers will not cover losses for commercial operations, making things a little muddled. For this reason, you reach out to an Uber accident lawyer soon after your accident to increase your chances of compensation.

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