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Have You Been Injured in an Accident at Work in Rhode Island?

If You Have Been Injured in an Accident at Work in Providence, RI, We Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Work-related accidents are far more prevalent in the United States than one may think, especially in Providence, RI. From transportation accidents to machinery issues to hazardous substances and overexertion, there are countless ways for a workplace injury to happen.

If you have been injured on the job and are unable to continue working while your medical bills keep piling up, you may be entitled to workers comp benefits. In order to make sure you are awarded the compensation you are due, you should always speak to an experienced workers comp attorney for help evaluating your personal injury claim as soon as possible.

Common Accidents That Qualify for Workers Comp

It only takes a little bit too much weight or a slowed response due to long working hours, for an injury to take place. The most common reason for injured workers is overexertion. Most commonly seen in factories and warehouses, overexertion is when someone tries to do more than what their body can handle. This can result in serious injuries such as severe muscle or back injuries.

Almost equally common are accidents due to falling, generally from a great height. Workers who are up and down on ladders all day are the most susceptible to this type of injury. They could easily suffer from broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, or far worse.

Some other common types of injuries that would qualify for workers comp include:

  • Electrocution
  • Machinery accidents
  • Workplace violence
  • Exposure to harmful substances
  • Fires or explosions

Workers compensation lawyers in Providence, RI, have seen their fair share of workers compensation cases. Contact the Louis W. Grande personal injury law firm for help with yours.

Who Pays for My Workers Comp Injury?

Every workers comp claim is different, and sometimes there are so many different players and entities involved that you can’t be sure who really is to blame. Workers compensation lawyers often may have to investigate to find out where the buck stops.

But rest assured, you should be insured. Sanctions and fines may be imposed by the Workers' Compensation Court against your employer. Making or causing to be made any knowingly false statement for the purpose of obtaining or denying compensation, failing to report income during the payment of compensation benefits, giving intentionally untrue information pertaining to an employee's right to benefits, as well as knowing helping and abetting, soliciting, or conspiring to coerce an employee to do something is all illegal.

This means you can’t be bullied into a settlement. Do not negotiate without a Providence workers compensation lawyer. These are only a few ways an employer can be held accountable.  The Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Law may be found in Section 28-33-17.3.

Some employers like to pretend that you are not an employee, but an independent contractor.

When deciding whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor, several variables are taken into account, including:

  • The freedoms independent contractors have over their work schedules
  • The equipment they use
  • The clients for whom they work
  • The payment of their own state and federal tax withholdings

If you are an independent contractor, you are not entitled to compensation because you are excluded from the Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Act. Don’t accept this label without speaking to a Providence, RI, workers compensation lawyer.

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What should workers comp accident victims do?

Your workers compensation lawyers will tell you that while every Providence, RI workplace accident is different, the minutes following accidents are critical to personal injury cases.

  • Seek medical attention. While it is crucial to document the details of an accident, your life and your health are more important. If you are suffering from severe injuries you should seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Collect information. If at all possible, do not leave the scene without first getting all relevant information. Make sure to write down the details of the accident that caused your injury, and be certain to write out the details of any machinery or other products that were involved.
  • Identify evidence. Take photographs right away of your injury, the situation that caused the accident, and the surrounding area. These pictures will help to visually outline the events leading up to, and the damage caused by the accident. This will also provide support for your workers compensation claim.
  • Find witnesses. If anyone else saw the accident, get their name, phone number, and address and make sure to email them to yourself right away. A photograph of an ID can also be helpful, particularly if your attorney needs to compel them to answer.

What do workers comp lawyers do?

A workers compensation lawyer fights for the rights of workplace accident victims. If someone is injured on the job, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to their case, but this person is on the side of the insurance company, not the employee. Workers compensation lawyers will fight to make sure the employee gets the compensation they deserve. If you need representation, schedule your free consultation.

How long can you be on workers comp in Rhode Island?

Depending on the details of the particular case, someone who is partially unable to work may be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits for a period of up to six years. If someone is permanently unable to work, however, they may be eligible to receive benefits indefinitely. Were you badly injured? You should schedule your free consultation to discuss your options.

Can you collect workers comp and work at the same time?

If you are receiving workers comp payments due to your inability to work because of a workplace accident, you cannot go out and get another job. If you are allowed to work on limited release, you must be sure to report any income to the insurance company.



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Finding The Best Providence Workers Comp Lawyer

Hiring a Providence workers comp lawyer is an important decision. The best attorneys are able to evaluate your case quickly and provide advice so you can make an informed decision. No attorney should ever pretend to know the exact value of your case in advance, and you should never pay for an initial consultation. The law office of Louis W. Grande handles workers comp cases on “contingency” contracts, meaning that you never pay unless we win your case.

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Louis W. Grande is a top-rated, award-winning Providence personal injury lawyer that has helped clients throughout the state of Rhode Island for the last 30+ years recover millions in compensation for personal injury claims. Have you been injured? Call today for a free case evaluation.

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The time following a workplace accident is stressful, and we are here to offer you our legal support by fighting aggressively to defend your rights. No matter your legal situation, if you suffer an injury due to an accident on the job, you could be compensated for your injuries.

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