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Tort cases are not the same as criminal cases. Tort law generally covers any scenario where one party inflicts harm or injury (either intentionally or unintentionally) to another party. There are four main elements to any successful tort case: duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury or harm. Essentially, this means that the defendant must have done something (or failed to do something) that they were reasonably expected to do, and this action (or inaction) caused real harm (either physical or otherwise) to the plaintiff.

Common Types of Tort Cases

Tort cases generally fall into one of three categories, intentional tort, negligence, and strict liability torts. The most common type of tort case is negligence. These types of cases do not involve intentional acts, but instead, involve someone being careless and failing to provide their duty owed to another person. A common example of negligence is a slip and fall case, where a property owner does not ensure their premises are safe for guests. Some other examples of negligence are car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and medical malpractice.

Intentional torts, on the other hand, do involve an intentional act by the tortfeasor which was carried out in order to cause harm and or injury. Some examples of intentional tort are battery, assault, fraud, defamation, and trespassing.
Strict liability torts cover any case where the tortfeasor is strictly liable for damages caused by something else. These types of torts are most often involving product liability, but dog bites and other animal attacks would also fall into this category.

Who is held liable in a tort case?

In a tort case, the party who commits the tort is called the tortfeasor. This party will be the one to incur tort liability, meaning they will be responsible for the damages owed to the plaintiff. The tortfeasor will be held liable for the harm (both physical and otherwise) that was done to the plaintiff.
There are multiple types of liability that may be present in a tort case:

  • Joint Liability - When there are multiple tortfeasors who are being held liable against one party
  • Liability to Third Parties - When a third party interaction affects the liability
  • Plaintiff (or Victim) Liability - If the plaintiff contributed to the harm done to them, they may share liability with the tortfeasor
  • Vicarious Liability - This comes into play when a superior is held liable for the actions of their subordinates
  • Strict Liability - When a tortfeasor is held liable for a violation despite having no intention of violating a statute
  • Parent Liability - Parents may sometimes be held accountable for the actions of their children


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What damages are available to victims of torts?

Damages in a tort case are generally designed to restore the plaintiff to the position they would realistically be in if the tort had never occurred. These damages are generally awarded in the form of monetary compensation. These damages can generally be put into two different categories:

  • Compensatory Damages - Compensatory damages are the actual damages the plaintiff suffered and can be broken down further into special or general damages. Special damages are things such as medical bills, property damage, and loss of earnings. General damages are non-economic and cover things such as pain and suffering as well as emotional distress.
  • Punitive Damages - Punitive damages are not always awarded, and they serve a much different purpose than compensatory damages. Punitive damages are awarded to “punish” the defendant and to deter them and others from doing similar things in the future. These types of damages are really only awarded in special cases where there was an extreme case of blatant neglect or grossly malicious behavior.

What is an example of a tort?

A tort is any wrongful act that leads to civil liability. For example, if someone is driving and they let their attention wander and miss a stopsign thus causing an accident where someone is injured, that could be considered a tort.

What are the three main types of torts?

Torts generally fall under one of three categories. The first is intentional torts (meaning the responsible party intentionally caused harm or injury), the second is negligent torts (harm or injury was caused due to someone’s negligence), and the third is strict liability torts (something that someone is liable for, like a product, caused the harm or injury).

What are the objectives of tort law?

Tort law is designed to help provide relief to parties who are suffering harm or injuries caused by another party. Tort law helps to hold the parties responsible for the harm liable. In broad terms, the law of tort is based on the fact that people should be held liable for the consequences of their actions.


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Best Providence Personal Injury Lawyer on Avvo2021 2020 Best Providence Personal Injury Lawyer near me

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