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Have You Been Injured by Medical Malpractice in Rhode Island?

If You Have Been Injured As A Result Of Someone Else's Negligence, We Can Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve

We trust medical professionals with our lives every time we seek treatment. Whether it is an emergency room visit, a consultation with a specialist, or a routine checkup, we expect our doctors to provide the correct diagnosis and offer accurate information so we can make an informed decision. In most cases, we take it on faith that physicians will exercise the utmost care and perform due diligence in providing care.

Sadly, medical mistakes are far too common in Rhode Island and the United States as a whole. Tens of thousands of medical malpractice cases are brought every year, with the vast majority involving major injuries, permanency, brain damage or paralysis, or death. Most medical malpractice claims relate to misdiagnosis, surgical malpractice, or improper treatment, but accidents involving incorrect medication and other aspects of care are also common

Liability from medical mistakes

Not all medical errors result in medical malpractice claims. Often, even serious medical mistakes resolve without injury. Other times, a misdiagnosis or other error may be clear, but it is identified quickly enough that the delay makes no significant difference. In other situations, the damage is clear, but it is not evident whether there was any error or mistake by the surgeon. This is often the case in surgery cases, where poor outcomes can simply be part of the accepted risk.

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Physicians have a duty to treat patients with care and meet accepted medical standards. Almost all medical procedures involve some level of risk, but if physicians fail to explain these risks, or fail to exercise appropriate care and thereby introduce additional risks, they can be held liable for any injuries that result.

Other mistakes are very easy to prove. A mislabeled prescription can be harmful or even deadly, either because the original condition goes untreated or because the new medication produces disastrous side effects or other interactions. Surgical mistakes that leave medical devices or tools inside a patient are obvious cases of negligence.



What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is when an injury or death of a loved one is caused by the negligence of a hospital, doctor, or health care professional. This can happen during diagnosis, treatment, or well into aftercare and health management. A patient must be able to prove that the injury was caused by some sort of negligence.


What are the most common reasons for medical malpractice cases?

  • Doctors did not follow standard protocols which failed in properly diagnosing
  • A patient was receiving treatment that resulted in injury or death
  • Inability to treat the patient’s condition
  • Errors with documenting patient care
  • Prescribing the wrong medication


What specialties have the highest medical malpractice rates?

Malpractice cases are shockingly common. As much as half of all practitioners have dealt with some sort of malpractice lawsuit. Among the most likely to get sued are surgeons, obstetricians, otolaryngologists, urologists, and orthopedists.


How long do I have to sue for medical malpractice?

Three years. You must file your claim within three years of the injury or discovery of the medical error. The courts can be strict on this timeline, contact a medical malpractice attorney for help filing your claim.


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How is medical malpractice proven?

The law office of Louis W. Grande has been working with medical malpractice victims for decades. When someone contacts our office with a potential medical malpractice case, we review the available medical records and contact experts to help determine whether we can effectively pursue the case. Every call is completely confidential, and there is never any charge for a consultation. If we choose to take your case, it will be on a contingency contract, meaning you pay nothing unless we win a cash award.

Proving medical malpractice can be challenging. Fortunately, the companies that represent medical providers are well aware of the devastating impact that medical mistakes have on patients. When faced with the prospects of a costly and potentially embarrassing trial, they are more likely to settle than to litigate. Over 90% of all medical malpractice payments are made as a result of settlement, rather than judgments in court.

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Louis W. Grande is a top-rated, award-winning Providence personal injury lawyer that has helped clients throughout the state of Rhode Island for the last 30+ years recover millions in compensation for personal injury claims. Have you been injured? Call today for a free case evaluation.

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Louis W. Grande is committed to providing quality legal representation and above all, personal attention to our clients’ individual needs. Conveniently located within minutes of downtown Providence on historic Smith Street, there is never a charge for an initial consultation. With evening and weekend appointments available, when your personal problems call for an experienced Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer, our firm is ready to assist you.

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Before talking with thes auto insurance companies, be sure to call our office. We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We aggressively defend the rights of injured people in auto accidents and personal injuries in Rhode Island. We will keep you updated on the status of your claim at all times while explaining the process and what you can expect following an accident with an injury. We are fully committed to getting the most money we can for you.

The time following an accident with injuries resulting is stressful, and we are here to offer you our legal support by fighting aggressively to defend your rights. No matter your legal situation, if you suffer an injury due to the negligence of another driver, you could be compensated for your injuries.

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