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What to do if you are hit by a motor vehicle in Rhode Island? 

In the State of Rhode Island there is a legal framework that guarantees the victim of road abuse the best legal protection of his or her physical integrity. Ignorance of this however,  makes many irresponsible drivers get away with it.

Prevent your rights from being violated, know your rights to road accidents in Rhode Island, what to do in the face of these unexpected events and what kind of compensation for injury or injuries can be claimed after being a victim of an run over.

What are the risks of being run over?

The risks of being run over both in Rhode Island and anywhere else in the United States are high if we take into account the large number of cars that exist and the increasingly reckless behavior of many drivers.

In addition to the risks of being run over you can suffer very serious injuries from these accidents, in this sense the most frequent injuries of a run over are at the level of the shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, neck and head.

Due to the nature of a run over, the injuries are more serious in this type of accident than in the collision between vehicles. Additionally, the victims have a complex symptomatology called polytrauma.

What to do in the event of a run over?

If you are a victim of a run over you must remain calm, if on the road where it happened it is sure that people will come to your aid. 

If you are able, call 911, identifying yourself as a victim of a pedestrian accident and follow the operator’s instructions until help arrives.

After the event or accident you should contact your lawyer because as a victim you have the right to good legal advice. 

If you witness a run over in Rhode Island you should call 911 immediately providing important information to the operator, such as:

  • The exact location of the accident, indicating the names of the street or streets if the hit occurred at an intersection. You can also provide the house number closest to the place of the accident or if it happened on a state road you must indicate the number of the nearest mile marker.  
  • You must identify yourself by giving your name and when the police arrive, provide the officers with your address to be able to provide information as a witness of the accident, as well as any other information you can provide. If you know first aid, please administer it to the victims until paramedics or firefighters arrive. This can mean the life or death of this person. If possible, try to keep the victim calm.

Consequences of a pedestrian accident.

After having suffered a pedestrian accident it is very important that you have a specific diagnosis of the different injuries suffered by the victim. It is vitally important for the claim to have the details of the injuries according to their severity, since a slightly injured wrist is not the same as an injury that prevents mobility and daily activities of the victim.

Some injuries cannot be tested with a simple x-ray, and need more complex tests such as magnetic resonances and tomographs that will be able to prove a personal injury as the result of a run over in the most scientific way. These tests can often be expensive. If the injuries prevent the work activities of the victims, this situation warrants the victim to ask for compensation from the person responsible for the accident. Additionally, the cost of all medical expenses, exams, treatments, medicines must be considered to make the respective claim.

What are the rights of a run over victim?

Among the rights of a run over victim in Rhode Island is that of being able to claim compensation for the damages suffered. This claim can be about six specific types, these are: 

  • Medical expenses: these must be covered by the accused, as long as they are directly related to the accident or run over. The coverage of these expenses will depend on the State and is called by the insurers as PIP or Protection against Personal Injury, and covers from 2000 USD if you have insurance and up to 8000 USD if you do not have it. It is very important to have the bills of the different medical expenses. 
  • Lost wages: if the result of the doctor’s diagnosis conveys that due to his or her injuries the victim suffers disability, the defendant will be obligated to pay for the money he has not received. In Rhode Island you are entitled to disability insurance and this will be added to the reimbursement amount. 
  • Pain and suffering: this compensation will depend directly on the degree of severity of the injuries, as well as the partial or complete incapacity that has repercussions on the victim’s daily life in the social, family, and labor spheres; and that also requires a recovery period.
  • Scars Reimbursement: if as a result of the injuries suffered you had to undergo surgery and a scar resulted, you are entitled to compensation for it. 
  • Permanent injuries: After the completion of your treatment your injury persists, you obtain the right to be compensated. The attending physician in this case must make a rating on the loss of motor skills, mobility, strength, and sensitivity of some part of his body (PPD) under the parameters of the American Medical Association. If in addition to this, the patient requires a new intervention, he must obtain a reimbursement for it. 

Additional expenses: if during the recovery process there are extra expenses such as medical prescriptions, crutches or a wheelchair, you are entitled to reimbursement. 

Protect your rights. Look for a good lawyer.

In view of the complexity of the indemnities described above, the most advisable thing is to find a good lawyer who will help you face the defense of your rights, guaranteeing the probative quality of each one of the injuries suffered in the outrage, as well as the immediate consequences.

The difference between good access to justice or a bad experience is often determined by good legal advice. For more information if you have suffered a car accident or motorcycle accident or have been run over in the Rhode Island area, visit our website or call us at 401-351-8000 for your free consultation.

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