Motorcycle Accidents

What you should know about motorcycle accidents in Rhode Island.

In Rhode Island, as well as in the rest of the United States, there are minimum standards to regulate a very specific reality: motorcycle accidents will happen.

This type of accident must be understood from the practical reality of vehicular driving that many car drivers ignore and from the knowledge about what to do in an accident of this type.

In Rhode Island there is a minimum protocol that must be followed by anyone who directly or indirectly participates in such an incident. 

Definition of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents are those unexpected events that occur on public roads and that involve a two-wheeled vehicle causing damage and injury to other vehicles, motorcycle passengers, drivers or bystanders.

These events may involve a single motorcycle or several of them, or be between a motorcycle and a car, or a motorcycle and pedestrians.

How to prevent an accident against a motorcycle.

Car drivers must know the practices of motorcyclists to avoid collisions with them; among these practices are:

  • Motorcyclists commonly slow down by moving the gear by turning the throttle, without activating the brake light. That is why it is advisable to leave a greater distance to follow them. This decrease in speed is usually common at intersections, so always wait for a motorcyclist to slow down without giving you any previous visual signal.
  • Because of the small size of the motorcycle it seems that it travels at a faster speed than it actually does. If you accelerate trusting that the bike is going faster, you can collide with it because it is actually moving slower than you think.
  • When crossing at an intersection, always consider that the motorcycle is closer than it looks.
  • The motorcycle can be hidden by objects outside or inside the vehicle.
  • A motorcycle requires to stop the same distance as a car, but slippery pavement makes it more difficult to stop quickly. 
  • The vision of the motorcyclist through the rear-view mirrors are relative because these mirrors are convex, so he may believe that you are farther away than you actually are. 
  • The maneuverability of a motorcycle is much lower at a higher speed and on roads in poor conditions because it becomes more difficult for the motorcyclist to avoid other vehicles when conditions are not optimal. 
  • If the motorcyclist carries a passenger, the maneuvering capacity is reduced and the distance needed to stop increases. 
  • On a fast track, it is possible to confuse the motorcycle with another vehicle.
  • At night the motorcycle lights, both the front and the rear can be confused with other lights on the road.

If you ride a motorcycle, you should take into consideration that the risks of having an accident increase exponentially when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or under aggressive conditions.

If you see a person willing to ride a motorcycle in these conditions, try to avoid it or report it immediately to the local or state police to avoid an accident.

Consequences of a motorcycle accident.

The consequences of a motorcycle accident can be classified as three types, immediate, short-term and long-term.

Among the immediate ones are those of imminent and real risk of serious injuries to people that can cause death. The immediate attention of the security forces such as police, firemen, and paramedics is very important, and the greatest collaboration with them is to let them do their job.

Short-term ones have to do with minor injuries and material damages, as well as the retention of the vehicles involved.

In the long-term consequences are all of those related to the legal responsibilities caused by an event of this nature, as well as the loss of lives and injuries considered serious or very serious caused in the motorcycle accident.

What to do if you suffer from a motorcycle accident or against a motorcycle in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island laws regulate vehicle accidents including motorcycle or motorcycle accidents. In case of an accident, there is a set of measures or actions required to perform. 

Some of which are:

  • In an event of this nature, always remain calm. The difference between life and death can be simply to calm down.
  • You must immediately stop your vehicle. If it continues to run it may continue to cause more damage.
  • Return to the accident site and identify yourself with all relevant people. There are penalties that are severely imposed on drivers who leave during a road accident. 
  • Do not consider that another person reported the accident. Call the nearest local or state police immediately. Sometimes witnesses or those involved in an accident believe that someone else called the police and they spend minutes and hours not making a call based on this false assumption.
  • Likewise, if you identify the existence of people injured during the motorcycle accident, almost always the driver and passenger of the motorcycles involved, call an ambulance immediately.
  • In accidents where there have been personal injuries that cost more than $1,000 USD in medical fees, they must also be reported to the police.
  • If you are directly involved in the motorcycle accident, you should consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Next he or she will give their professional opinion on your case and tell you what the next steps will be to take in order to preserve your assets and rights.

The difference between good access to justice or a bad experience is often determined by good legal advice. 

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